I got a tattoo of a knife on my hand – it came out so bad and wonky I’m getting covered, but people still blame me | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her tattoo horror after paying for a lucky dip tattoo.

TikToker Malanev, posted a video clip sharing her experience, and showing off the tattoo, which she says was a huge disappointment.

“My friend had an appointment yesterday with this artist, and hers came out good,” Malanev begins, “so I was like ‘okay well I’m going to do a you get what you get.’”

In the lucky dip, she first pulled out a Shrek tattoo, but deciding against this she respun and this time she pulled out a knife.

Liking the idea of the knife, she decided to go for it and got the tattoo on her hand, which may have ultimately been a mistake.

Among her complaints, Malanev says that the lines aren’t straight, it’s blowing out, and is backwards. She says that once the tattoo is healed she’s planning to get it covered.

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Disappointed in what she received, Malanev says she contacted the owner of the shop and has since received her money back – but obviously, the tattoo remains.

The shop owner was extremely apologetic, and said that the artist in question, who as an apprentice should not have been tattooing hands anyway.

However, after posting her complaints to TikTok, Malanev was quickly met with people blaming her for the bad tattoo.

“You approved it, saw the stencil, watched her work on it for however long, and then you want to do something about it lol??” wrote one commenter.

Another added:” I have so many questions! I don't see how this is ‘backwards’. Did you choose the placement? couldn't you say no? Is this a blindfold challenge?”

Posting a follow-up video, Malanev has defended herself against the accusations that this was her own fault.

She says: “It is not my own fault that the tattoo artist can’t do straight f****** lines and that she blew my skin.”

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Some commenters agreed that it’s not her fault, with one arguing: “It’s really not your fault at all she knew she shouldn’t be tattooing hands either. That’s on her. Can’t wait to see the cover up.”

And a second added: “How can this be your fault that she didn’t do her job properly like what….”

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