I gave birth in a car when I got stuck in traffic, she ended up wedged under the dashboard still inside my trousers | The Sun

A WOMAN has given birth to her daughter in a car after getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Deshai Fudd was on her way to the hospital when she began to go into labour and had no choice but to give birth in the passenger seat.

The 23-year-old  felt contractions in the morning but thought she had plenty of time and so told husband, Loston Fudd, 25, to head on to work.

He returned during lunch and the pair set off to the hospital.

Within 10 minutes, Deshai’s waters broke.

With her  husband behind the wheel, the mum delivered her baby girl by herself in the backseat.


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“I had no clue it was going to happen until she was already in my pants!” Deshai told NeedToKnow.Online.

“She didn't cry so we were concerned until I felt her move.

“My husband was yelling and asking if she was okay and asking what he should do.

“I told him to keep driving and get us to the hospital!

“I was panicking at first but I just wanted to reassure my husband that she was okay and to just keep driving so we could to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Despite the commotion, the mum-of-three, who is from Atlanta, Georgia, was thrilled to welcome her baby girl, who the couple named Dariya Fudd.

Unfortunately however, the situation escalated as the car came to a standstill due to heavy traffic.

Loston then took matters into his own hands and hunted down a patrol car on the road, asking the officers for help.

She said: “He [Loston] pulled up next to a GA State patrol officer and yelled into his car.

“He told them that we had just had a baby in the car and we needed an escort to get to the hospital!

“The officer quickly turned his lights on and led us through the traffic!

“We got to the hospital and about 10-15 nurses ran out to the car and cut the umbilical cord.

“They wrapped the baby up in some blankets and took us into a room to check on everything.”

Luckily, the newborn was happy and healthy, weighing five pounds and 12 ounces.

Deshai says both she and her baby are doing “amazing” and she is enjoying watching her “baby girl grow”.

The couple are also parents to Demiah, four, and Lamell, two.

The mum-of-three has admitted that the traumatic birth did leave her feeling down and she often replays the moment in her head.

She added: “Honestly, I was pretty down about the entire situation.

“I was wondering if I hadn’t told my husband to go ahead and go to work, would we have made it to the hospital in time?

“I thank God that my baby is healthy and safe and that was what kept me afloat.”

Dariya was born on 29 November 2022 but her birth story has gone viral on social media recently.

Within days of sharing a video of her experience, Deshai’s video has racked up nearly 10 million views with thousands of viewers left in awe of her strength.

She added: “When I posted the video and got all the loving and supporting comments it made me feel better than anyone would know.

“I am very thankful for all the positivity that my family has been receiving it makes me so happy!”.

Many viewers were quick  to congratulate Deshai on her speedy delivery.

“Her just chilling in your pants is kinda funny, congrats,” one person said.

“The baby in your pants like a baby kangaroo in its mommas pouch. Congratulations! Hope you’re okay,” another wrote.

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