I filled my freezer with a mega food haul from Iceland…it was so cheap and if you’re a Nando’s fan you need to run there | The Sun

A BARGAIN hunter has revealed that she has filled her freezer with an epic food shop from Iceland. 

The savvy mum went to Iceland to get her weekly groceries and was very impressed with the good deals.

Not only this, but she was also pleased with the Nando’s items and Nando’s chicken dupes too.

Posting on TikTok, Lauren Rolls (@laurenrollsxx) shared her part-one clip with the caption ‘I lovvvvve food shopping.’

She said: “Come to do my food shop at Iceland with me.”

In the clip, we saw Lauren walk around the supermarket as she added items to her trolley.

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First she picked up a bag of yum yum doughnuts, which were reduced to just 90p and she then nabbed a big box of cookies, which were also reduced, to only £2.99.

She then spotted the impressive Nando’s range, as she nabbed peri-peri sauce for £3 and peri-peri salt for £1.75.

Not only this, but there was also peri-peri rub reduced to just £1 and Perinaise available too.

Lauren then grabbed a spicy mayo sauce for £1.50 before heading to the freezers. 

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There, she spotted a three for £10 deal, and so made sure to nab barbecue chicken strips, crispy chicken strips and hot and spicy chicken strips.

She also picked up chicken poppers for £1.50 and also in the freezer section, there were a variety of what Lauren described as “Nadnos dupes.” 

Lauren stocked up on the peri-peri flavoured chicken breasts, as well as chicken fajita sizzle steaks, chicken drummers and frozen ham sandwich snacks.

She also got a bag of 28 Fish fingers for £2.25, as well as breaded whitefish fillets.

She then went back to the fridge section, where there was another three for £10 deal.

Lauren took advantage of the deal and stocked up on diced chicken breasts, as well as corned beef pasties, sausage rolls, ham and bacon.

In the second clip, Lauren’s food shopping continued, as she put cheese slices, mushy peas and tinned peas and carrots into her trolley.

She picked up a few bottles of cherry Coca-Cola and cherry Pepsi Max, before grabbing potato waffles and mini corn on the cobs for £1. 

Not only this, but she also got a range of cakes and biscuits, including Fibre One triple chocolate cake bars, chocolate fingers, animal biscuits, Maryland cookies, coconut rings, digestive biscuits and Shorties biscuits.

She stocked up on a few basics too, including protein yoghurts, butter, eggs, bagels and flavoured water.

She then headed back to the frozen section to pick up some ice lollies that had been reduced to 50p, before completing her shop with Space Raiders and Monster Munch.

Lauren’s shopping haul came to a grand total of £107.20.

Her clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 107.4k views.

It has 4,203 likes, 106 comments and 11 shares. 

Social media users were eager to praise Iceland food and the brilliant deals in the comments. 

One person said: “3 for £10 is a barg. Those Nando dupes are nice but small.” 

Another added: “That peri peri chicken is beautiful.” 

A third commented: “That chicken 3 for £10 is my absolute fave!!!” 

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Meanwhile, one shopper asked: “Is Iceland cheap?” to which Lauren replied “It used to be much cheaper but I still love the food.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “I need to see how big your freezer is” to which Lauren explained “My freezers were more or less empty, but I do have two freezers.” 

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