I fell out of love with my DIY panelled decor after six months & I'm fuming about how it's DESTROYED my walls

IN the height of lockdown, we were doing anything we could think of to pass the time.

After clearing out our wardrobes and baking enough banana bread to feed a village, we then tried our hand at some DIY – and panelled walls were ALL the rage on Instagram.

One person who also jumped on this decor trend is mum Jess Justice – who boasts over 16,000 followers on her interiors Instagram and TikTok pages.

Although she was chuffed with the finish at first, Jess said it didn't take long for her to grow bored of the feature wall and want to start afresh.

Earlier this month, Jess posted a video – which has racked up over 355,000 views – documenting the removal process.

And let's just say, it wasn't quite as easy as she had hoped.


She explained: "When you add panelling to a wall but then six months later decide to remove it…"

In order to create the effect, Jess had glued thin strips of MDF directly to the wall – which then ripped off loads of plaster when it was removed.

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Panning over the damage on her walls, the mum added: "Not sure paint will cover this."

Urging other DIY fans not to make her mistake, Jess captioned the clip: "Only glue MDF to your walls if you plan to keep it there a while."

Needless to say, viewers who were tempted to try the trend were grateful for the lucky escape.

That said, others said you could avoid this problem by screwing the MDF into the wall instead of gluing it down.

One wrote: "I like panelling but I've been waiting for theses videos, they won't come off with destroying the wall."

Another added: "As much as I love the look of panelling, I know this trend will date very quickly, and this has confirmed I shouldn’t do it!"

Speaking from experience, a third claimed: "As a plasterer I can confirm this is keeping me in a lot of work. Thank you!!"

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