I don't let my boyfriend cuddle me – because it breeds comfort… and that's NOT sexy

Nadia Bokody, originally from Australia, made the controversial statement despite being in a two-year-relationship.

The 34-year-old has said it’s the lack of closeness and intimacy which keeps the spark alive.

Nadia claims that “cuddling breeds comfort”, and while that’s what many of us crave, she says it kills the passion in the bedroom.

As you settle into a routine and become comfortable enough to slob around in your pjs and let out a fart, this familiarity extinguishes sexual passion.

While Nadia might sound extreme, she assured she isn’t “cold and heartless”.


Writing for News.com.Au, she said: “A long, warm cuddle offered in the right moment can be pure medicine. But as far as your sex life's concerned, it's pretty much the worst thing you can do."

Nadia said not only do eroticism and comfort not mix, but they're the "antithesis of one another.”

And she went as far as comparing cuddling to adding "arsenic" to your "relationship recipe".

She pointed towards marriages which breakdown due a lack of intimacy, claiming familiarity is a factor as the fiery passion fizzles out as we relax around each other.

It’s called ‘the central paradox of love’, she said, quoting author Esther Perel’s book, Mating in Captivity.

Nadia said: “We're swept up in that initial whirlwind rush of feel-good hormones often referred to as the 'Honeymoon Phase' of the relationship, and then wonder where it all went a few years later, when we're watching our partner clip their toenails in the living room.”

Her method may seem extreme, but Nadia revealed she practices with her boyfriend with amazing results

She said: “In my current relationship, we reserve comfort-promoting acts like cuddling for significant moments, like consoling one another during an upsetting or difficult time, or as a congratulatory act.

“My boyfriend and I don't get undressed in front of one another (unless it's to have sex) and we both make a concerted effort to maintain mystery around our bathroom and grooming habits.”

And in case anyone questioned if that was sustainable, she assured: “I don't mean we never hug, but it's rare. If we're hanging out on the couch at home, we don't snuggle up. Likewise, we don't usually cuddle in bed.”

But it appears to be working for them, as Nadia added two years into their relationship, their sex life "has never been better.”

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