I booted my girlfriend out as she drove me mad when we went out for food – what she thought was ‘cute’ made me furious | The Sun

EVERYONE has some annoying habits, but one man says that his girlfriend’s was just taking the cake… literally at times.

Posting to Reddit, the 22-year-old says he’s in his first serious relationship, and that it was mostly going well, until her strange habit drove him to the point of kicking her out of his home.

The anonymous man writes: “Every time we went out and food was involved she would sample my food before I got to it. 

“We are not just talking of a chip here and there from my chip butt sandwich. In actual classy places she would take the first chunk of my steak/salmon/cake. You name it she would take the first bite.”

When his girlfriend got a job closer to his apartment, he said she could move in with him rent-free, as long as she stopped doing this.

However, while she stopped for the first month, she began to gradually start doing it again, until it reached a point where he just couldn’t take it anymore.


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He continues: “I bake, it's a hobby. I made a cake. After dividing it into eight I left it in the fridge while I went out with a friend.

"Usually when I bake and friends drop me off I will fetch a few slices and thank them for the lift home with the cake. 

“Imagine my surprise when I saw that each piece had a bite taken. I phoned my friend that I owed him cake and he needn't wait for me to come back down.”

When confronted, he says that his girlfriend got defensive and says she does this because she loves him, and that “all women do this and guys love it.”

He then proceeded to buy a lockbox for the fridge, but that “she broke the lock and had taken a bite out of all my snacks and two slices of baguettes in there.”

Finishing his post, the man writes: “I told her to pack her stuff and leave while I stay with my mother for a few hours.

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"She called me an asshole for making her homeless and possibly ruining her employment opportunities.”

Commenters on the thread were quick to side with him, with one writing: “She took a bite out of every piece of cake? And then literally broke the lock to take a bite out of everything else? This is not cute, it's bunny-boiling levels of disturbing. Change your locks.”

“I'm a woman, and I can confirm that neither I nor any other woman I have ever met does this. It is not a thing that women do,” wrote another.

Other women agreed that they'd never done this either, or known any men who would like it and find it cute.

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A third argued: “That is not ‘cute’ and the fact that she thinks it is shows complete immaturity. Taking a bite out of EVERY slice of cake doesn't show love, it shows selfishness because nobody else can have a piece. 

“She will likely be a controlling, possessive partner as time goes on and you'd be so much better off not just kicking her out but ending the relationship as well.”

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