I am 38 weeks pregnant and caught the moment my bump ‘dropped’ on camera – I looked so different 48 hours later | The Sun

A MUM-TO-BE has shared the incredible moment she caught her baby bump drop on camera.

Taking to TikTok, @nabby.nabs, who is from the US, posted the short clip alongside a caption which read: "Can NOT believe I caught this." 

The video, which has since been viewed an impressive 5.7m, shows the mum's burgeoning bump at 38 weeks and three days, and then again 48 hours after dropping – and it looks unrecognisable.

And Nabs' social media followers were stunned by the footage, which they said was something she could treasure forever.

"OK this must be the only video on earth about this moment," wrote one, while a second joked: "Baby playing limbo or something????"

A third commented: "Omg – that was so awesome to watch."


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Reassuring other pregnant mothers that it is nothing to be scared of, the social media user encouraged: "Not all women drop, everyone carries differently.

"Also it didn’t/doesn’t hurt for me if that eases your mind at all."

Elsewhere, others recalled their own experiences of dropping.

"I dropped while standing in a Macy's," wrote one. "An older woman saw it happen and started crying because she thought it was beautiful. scared me though lol."

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Another penned: "Mine has been dropping super low then climbing back up. He thinks I'm a playground or something."

Others joked hat it must be a relief for Nabs' lungs to have more space now.

"I am LOVING being able to lay & breathe again," she replied. "Oxygen…forgot what that felt like for a while."

Recently, a mum revealed that she has been pregnant for six consecutive years.

Kyra Henry, 23, from the US, revealed that she didn't need a break and loves being pregnant in a recent TikTok video.

In a recent video, the mum-of-three revealed she has been pregnant for the last six years.

She said: "When I realise I've been pregnant in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and now 2023."

While it might sound crazy that Kyra has been pregnant for six years in a row – it's only because her three pregnancies have rolled over into the next year.

Kyra is currently pregnant with her third child – and she found she was pregnant last year.

But people in the comments section were still stunned – and many asked her to slow down.

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The video soon went viral with over 715k views and 94k likes, and people quickly shared their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Tell your man to relaxxxx, pregnancy is not easy on the body."

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