How to deep fry BAILEYS for a delicious Christmas treat!

Of all the festive tipples, Baileys is a popular choice, with its creamy flavour going down nicely with a cube of ice and a selection box.

But why drink regular Baileys when you can combine it with another delicious foodstuff: batter?

In a true Christmas miracle, someone has figured out how you can deep-fry the whiskey-based liqueur… and the result sounds amazing.

Chip shop boss John Clarkson, who runs Mister Eaters in Preston, is the man playing Santa with his festive creation.

His Baileys bites are made by combining Baileys with egg, corn flour and sugar, before freezing the mix overnight and then battering and deep frying it the next day.

The deep fried treats contain an impressive 70 per cent Baileys, with a crispy outside and soft, warm liqueur in the centre.

And, surprise, surprise, the incredible-sounding delicacy is going down a treat with John's staff, who have been tucking into samples while he works on the recipe.

He said: "Nobody has made deep fried Baileys Irish cream before, it’s a world’s first."

"I had to come up with something for Christmas.

"I’m always looking to do new things and nobody has done this before. I might have something special here."

Now, with the recipe perfected, John is ready to start flogging his Baileys bites to customers.

The bites will go on sale from Monday, and will cost a quid each. Cheers!

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