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BIRKENSTOCKS are an increasingly popular shoe that allows you to walk all day in comfort.

Frequently cleaning your Birkenstocks will allow them to last longer and will allow them to look like new over a longer period of time.

How can you clean your Birkenstocks?

Follow these steps to successfully clean out your Birkenstocks.

What you'll need:

  • Shoe brush
  • Old toothbrush
  • Cloth
  • Leather shampoo
  • Two bowls of water

How to clean your Birkenstocks:

  • Step One: Remove the dried dirt or coarse dust on the inside of the straps with the shoe brush or a lint-free damp cloth.
  • Step Two: Do the same to the outside of the straps on each shoe.
  • Step Three: Use an old toothbrush to scrub water and leather shampoo in circular movements in the footbed of the shoe.
  • Step Four: Use a wet cloth to wash the sandals off. Do not soak the shoes in water, as this can ruin the sandals.
  • Step Five: Clean the sole of the shoe using a damp brush or cloth.
  • Step Six: Allow 24 hours for your shoes to dry naturally. Do not use the sun or a radiator as this can dry out the leather.

Why do Birkenstocks turn black?

Birkenstocks may turn black for several reasons, one of which is because of the type of material used to make the shoes.

The shoes are made from leather, cork, and other natural materials which combined with sweat and bacteria can cause discoloration and cause the shoes to turn black over time.

Additionally, the fabric and leather straps absorb oils from your skin, which is not possible to clean off and will cause the color to darken over time.

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The type of leather also plays an integral role in the discoloration of your shoes as the manufacturer uses an oil-based dressing on the leather to protect it from water and stains.

This dressing can build up on the leather's surface and cause the shoes to turn black.

How can you protect your Birkenstocks?

You can protect your Birkenstocks in one of two ways to ensure minimal damage to the leather.

Waterproofing spray is one of the best options to keep your suede shoes looking like new, but it should be used sparingly and those using the spray should remember to strictly observe the application instructions.

When using the waterproofing spray, make sure it is colorless and only spray it on the outside of the shoe. Make sure to cover the footbed with paper to protect the shoe's soles.

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Natural leather Birkenstocks should be treated differently than suede, using leather grease to keep them protected.

Apply the grease on the outside leather of each sandal regularly, but make sure to use paper to protect the footbed of the shoes.

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