How to clean a mattress?

EVERYONE knows you need to change your bedding, but have you ever cleaned the mattress itself?

Stains, dirt and grime can build up on your mattress so you need to give it a thorough clean every so often.

How to clean a mattress?

Cleaning your mattress might seem daunting but it is a lot simpler than you might think.

You can clean it with some simple supplies you already probably have in your house.

1. Wash the bedding set

The first step is to strip your bedding off the mattress because you can't clean a mattress that's covered up.

Put this in the washing machine to clean while you get to work on the mattress itself.

You should wash your bedding once a week or once every two weeks depending how often you sleep in it.


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2. Grab your cleaning supplies

There are no fancy cleaning tools you need here, unless you have some serious stains to shift.

All you need is a vacuum cleaner, with an upholstery attachment if possible.

Gather up your baking soda and laundry detergent (or dish soap) as well as a cloth or sponge.

Finally get a bucket of lukewarm or cold water – hot water is not as effective.

3. Open a window

Ventilation is key when doing any major cleaning, because chemicals can build to become unsafe.

An open window can also help air out the mattress and begin to lift any odours out of it.

4. Vacuum your mattress

Vacuum the mattress in small circular motions to pick up any dirt on the surface.

Go lightly and make sure to get into any crevices, if possible add an upholstery attachment for better cleaning.

If you have time go over the mattress with the vacuum again before moving on to the next step.

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5. Spot clean stains

This is where your laundry detergent mixed with the lukewarm water comes in.

Dab the mixture onto any stains to lift the dirt – don't rub as this can worsen the stain.

If there is liquid on the mattress, place a paper towel on the spillage and let it soak up any remaining liquid.

A quick way to do this is with a steam cleaner if you have one.

Let this air dry completely before continuing with the next steps.

6. Cover with baking soda

Baking soda is not just an ingredient but it can also be a powerful cleaning agent.

Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the whole of your mattress and leave to air for at least a few hours – if possible leave overnight.

This is a deodorising agent so will remove any lingering smells from the mattress.

7. Vacuum again

Once your mattress is smelling fresh, you can vacuum off any remaining dirt and baking soda.

This will lift anything that you missed in your first pass as well as additional dirt you have managed to dislodge.

You can also hoover your headboard if it's fabric and clean the bed frame at the same time.

8. Flip the mattress

This can be a good time to flip your mattress and repeat the cleaning process on the other side.

You should flip your mattress every three months to keep it in good condition.

If you don't want to do this then you can just put your bedding back onto your bed.

Can I clean a memory foam mattress?

You can clean the memory foam mattress in the same way you do any other mattress.

Unfortunately if you have stubborn stains you cannot use a steam cleaner on a memory foam mattress.

The heat and moisture from a steam cleaner can damage the structure of the memory foam.

If you have a tough stain you will just need to keep at it with the laundry detergent and water method.

How often should I clean my mattress?

This may come as a shock but you should actually clean your mattress every few months.

If this doesn't fit in your busy schedule, try and do it at least three times a year.

Even if you just vacuum the mattress every few times you change your bedding this should help keep it clean.

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Your bedding should be changed every week or every two weeks.

Not changing your bedding can result in skin issues such as acne breakouts so swap it regularly.

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