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SPRAY tan is a popular beauty product among women especially during the warm months.

But what exactly should you keep in mind to maintain the tan.

How long does a spray tan last?

A spray tan can last up to a week, if it is of good quality.

However it can depend on the skin regime and the depth of the spray tan how long it lasts.

For example a light bronze can fade after five days, medium after six to seven and darker shades can even last up to ten days.

There are many things that you can do to make your spray tan last longer.

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If the skin is dry it sheds quicker, which makes the tan fade away faster.

Simply apply a moisturiser in the morning and evening to keep the skin hydrated.

Shower in warm water

Avoid showering in hot water after getting a spray tan.

Use lukewarm water and do not use a body scrub as it can result in fading your tan.

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It is also recommended to avoid soap.

Use baby powder

A good way to avoid sweating after getting a spray tan is baby powder.

The baby powder won't reduce sweat but it will keep the spray tan in place and stops it from fading.

Apply the powder on your underarms, knees and back of your legs ideally.

Exfoliate your skin

After a while some parts of the skin will naturally shed, especially areas that rub against each other or clothing.

Therefore it is important to exfoliate the skin every couple of days in order to keep the fade even.

Use sunscreen

A spray tan does not protect your skin from the sun's UV light.

To protect the tan apply water-based sunscreen rather than oil-based on all exposed skin areas when outside.

Avoid chlorinated water

A chlorinated pool makes tan fade away faster so try to avoid them as much as possible.

But if you are at the end of your spray tan period and just about to get a new one swimming in chlorinated water will help to remove old tan.

Use tanning lotion

An easy way to keep a tan is to use a tanning lotion.

It tops up the glow and hydrates the skin at the same time.

Do not shave or wax

Try not to shave or wax your skin when having a spray tan.

The shaver or wax will make the tan disappear when rubbing it against the skin.

However make sure to shave at least 24 hours before your next appointment.

Detox once a month

Before getting a new spray tan it is important to detox your entire skin to remove as much of previous layers as possible.

Layers of old spray tan can make it look uneven and is not good for the skin.

Use self tanner in between

The spray tan on some body parts will fade away quicker than others.

To make sure that the tan still looks even apply a self tanning product on these areas.

It is recommended to use a lighter coloured product than the originalspray tan since it will fade away a little bit during time.

Stay hydrated

It might sound silly but drinking water to contain a tan is a way to keep the skin hydrated next to moisturising.

Hydrated skin won't shed as much.

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Simple Skincare

And last but not least, avoid using acids or any retinoids in skincare products.

These products will encourage skin cell turnovers, which causes the tan to fade quicker.

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