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With more and more young people turning to astrology, there's never been a better time to look to the stars for guidance on everything from love and relationships to finance, health and even where to get a tattoo.

Astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but now horoscope meme machines are amassing more interest than ever.

Tarot queen Kerry King tells us: "For some years now, astrology has played the role of therapist, counsellor and decision making aide for millennials.

"Every generation tends to discover the stars at some point, but, for this generation, it is more than curiosity.

"Birth charts are analysed, events like Mercury Retrograde are planned around, dating apps using astrological matching are sought.

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  • John Hall

    ♉ TAURUS

    April 21 to May 21

    Tread gently around people’s hopes today – including your own.

    Some great results could be coming up, although they may not happen exactly as expected.

    These could include a chance to restart a work or study challenge.

    Try not to assume you know what others are thinking or feeling. Just ask them.

  • John Hall

    ♈ ARIES

    March 21 to April 20

    If you feel ready to share more with a workmate or friend, this can be the moment to bring your dreams together.

    You have much more in common than you realise. The love that’s deepest in your chart is an equal balance of give and take – and you can make this happen.

    Single? Passion links you to a tall Gemini.

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