H&M collaboration with Moschino to launch on Nov 8

SINGAPORE – From glittering gold chains to flamboyant sequinned pieces, H&M’s newest designer collaboration is a complete about-turn from last year’s romantic floral range with British luxury fashion brand Erdem.

The Swedish fast-fashion retailer has partnered with Italian luxury fashion house Moschino, whose creative director, Jeremy Scott, has infused the range with the brand’s signature colourful pop glamour style and sense of humour.

The stark contrast in style of its 15th designer collaboration is intentional says H&M country manager for South-east Asia Fredrik Famm.

“We always want to surprise our customers. Things are very fast-moving in fashion so you cannot get stuck in the old way of doing things. You have to constantly invite the customer to a different experience.”

Speaking about the new range, Mr Famm says: “We always try to find a different angle and of course Moschino is much more fun, there’s humour and pop culture.”

Pieces from the range include a baseball shirt dress with a large Mickey Mouse print on the front ($139), a rhinestone bustier ($249) and black high-heeled boots ($649).

In the past, the brand has worked with other high fashion labels, including Comme des Garcons, Versace, Isabel Marant, Balmain and Kenzo.

These partnerships are a win-win situation for the brands, says Mr Famm.

“We are in constant contact with different designers and we have been having these collaborations for many years now. It’s something our customers get excited about.”

Besides the fanfare generated for H&M at every collection launch, the other labels also benefit since the partnership means customer are able to get their hands on a designer piece at a much more affordable price.

“There are obviously many designers that want to work with us because they can get the reach that they normally would have problems getting.”

Past collaboration launches in Singapore have typically been highly anticipated. Last year, shoppers started queuing for the Erdem collection a whole day before it launched.

Mr Famm hopes that the line will be even longer this year. He adds that safety precautions and queue management plans are in placeso that customers will stay safe and have fun.

He says: “These collaborations are a great way to democratise fashion and to really show that it is not a question of price at the end of the day.”

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