George The Jeweler Reveals The One Accessory We’ll See On Every Red Carpet This Awards Season

Awards season is upon us, as is the holiday season! So, if you’re in the mood to some on-trend jewels before we even see them on the red carpet, you’re going to want to read this!

George The Jeweler‘s pieces are worn by all of the hottest celebs, from Kendall Jenner to BFF Gigi Hadid. He also collaborated with the ultra-talented Christina Milian on a jewelry line called House Of Fine Gold. The jewelry guru known for his stunning delicate pieces spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview to give his insights on what we’ll see the stars wear on the carpet during awards season! (Do you believe it’s almost time for Oscar craziness?!) “Gold and diamond chains and chokers will definitely be popular during awards season,” George revealed. “I have a bunch of new pieces coming out soon that I look forward to seeing on the red carpet!”

He added, “Right now big and bold is in. We are seeing a lot of big hoops and bangle bracelets. Women are stacking multiple bracelets and layering as many as four or five heavy men’s link chains on their necks with big medallions and charms. I find it a really beautiful statement.” However, the trend may not last, according to the jewelry genius. “I do also think the ‘Big and Bold’ will ‘fizzle in and out’ for a more dainty delicate look for the fall and coming winter seasons. The layered necklaces and stacked rings and bracelets may stay just with daintier pieces in the place of the big heavy ones. On a side note, I am seeing a continued rise in popularity of yellow gold, and rose gold close behind,” George said.

When it comes to his personal designs, George revealed he gets major inspiration from his clients. “I listen to them and what they ask me for,” he said. “Sometimes I am asked to make pretty much the same piece from different clients. I love looking at all the different requests I get, expanding on them and coming up with ideas. It’s one of my secrets to staying current.” We can’t wait to see his stunning designs on the red carpet this season!

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