Gardening tips 2022 live — Expert reveals how to get greener grass with cheap two-ingredient DIY spray – how to use it | The Sun

IF you're hoping to freshen up your lawn this season, there is an easy-to-make two-ingredient spray that could help make your grass greener.

You can enjoy a pest-free yard by making your own insecticidal soap with ingredients you already have at home.

The Delite published a recent article revealing that all you need is vegetable oil, unscented dish soap, and a spray bottle.

Mix one cup of vegetable oil with one tablespoon of unscented dish soap.

For every cup of water you put in the spray bottle, add two teaspoons of the oil and soap mixture.

Use the spray bottle to evenly coat the grass and leaves of any of your plants.

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    Level garden tips: How to fix larger depressions

    Dig 4-5 cm deep for deeper depressions, and remove any stones or lumps from the soil.

    Compact the soil first, then apply top dressing as directed above to bring the grass up to par with the rest of the lawn.

    The turf should then be reinstalled and compacted.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Level garden tips: How to fix small depressions

    Top dressing is the solution for depressions that are 2-3 cm deep.

    You may purchase a top dressing mix or make your own by combining two parts sand, two parts topsoil, and one part compost.

    Fill up the depression evenly with dirt and crush it with your feet or a rake. Then saturate the area with water.

    After two days, add grass seeds and a light coating of dirt, followed by a splash of water.

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    360° garden view

    A gardener shared an incredible 360° view of the garden he was working in.

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