From ‘Queening’ to ‘The 70’, Ann Summers reveals VERY saucy sex positions to enjoy over the Jubilee weekend

IF YOU'RE sick of tea and cake and are looking for a way of adding some extra spice to your Jubilee weekend – we've got just the thing.

The experts over at Ann Summers have compiled seven new sex positions to leave you feeling, well, jubilant.

The 70

Celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne with this step up from the regular old 69.

Like the 69, both partners will receive oral at the same time. However it requires slightly more athleticism and flexibility than the old favourite.

Rather than lying down you will sit or stand upright – so one person is hanging head-down.


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A royal crown

The royal crown requires one partner to crouch over another's face to receive oral. The royal connection being that you are like a crown, sitting on the head. 

We suppose you could also wear a tiara or crown while doing this if you wish to take the connection further, and if you have one of these just lying around your house.

A royal experience

According to the sexperts, this position will have you feel like a king or queen.

The penetrating partner kneels down, while the receiving partner lies on their back. The penetrator then lifts the receiver’s hips up off the bed and gets to thrusting.

This position allows deep penetration, and leaves the hands free for any extra fun you may wish to have.


This position is a simple twist on the basic missionary position.

The receiving partner will lie down on their back, with legs spread open and held aloft in the air. The penetrator will then kneel in between their partner’s legs and place their hands either side of their head on the bed.

Maintain eye contact throughout for an even more intimate experience.

A royal knees up

A variation on the wheelbarrow, but with one leg one the ground to provide a bit more stability.

You’ll need pretty good upper body strength to stay in this position for long, so unless you’re a professional gymnast you may need to switch to another position at some point.

Feeling regal

This is one you can do solo – it’s just masturbation but while kneeling upright.

By placing one hand over your heart you can pledge your allegiance to Britain while feeling your very best.

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A royal courtesy

A regal take on the reverse cowgirlCredit: Ann Summers

This is just reverse cowgirl, but as Ann Summers say: “What’s more royal than a ride home? Get your jubilee themed reverse cowgirl going.”

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