From dryness to thrush, your vagina changes as you get older… here's what to expect according to top gynaecologist

Tania Adib, a leading Consultant Gynaecologist who works on London's Harley Street, has revealed what you can expect as you get older.

Tania told the Mirror that as you age, you might notice some visual differences.

According to Tania, the vagina appears pinker pre-menopause, but can become paler as you age.

The vagina may weaken, too and some women can experience prolapse.

This is where the uterus, bladder or rectum can drop into the vagina.

Pre-menopause, the vagina is more moist and one of the most common changes during the menopause is dryness.

"It’s important to be delicate when washing as this can be a cause of aggravation," says Tania.

"One of the key pieces of advice is to not use any perfumes or scented soaps on and around the vagina when washing, as they can be very irritating."

While thrush can affect women of all ages, the risk increases post-menopause.

"When oestrogen levels drop and the vagina dries out, the pH of the vagina rises and this is associated with a reduction in the healthy bacteria – which makes the vagina more susceptible to infections such as thrush," explains Tania.

Symptoms of thrush include soreness and itching around the vagina entrance; a thick white or thin and watery discharge which is usually odourless; discomfort during sex and a burning feeling when passing urine.

Topical creams, oral medication and pessaries are used to treat thrush.

Avoiding tight-fitting underwear and washing your vagina with soap is also recommended.

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