Fashion Inspiration for a Long Weekend at Home in the Suburbs

More than 54 million Americans will apparently be traveling this Thanksgiving. For some, that will mean a trip to the suburbs they grew up in. If you're amongst that group, remember: just because you're going back to your hometown doesn't mean that you need to dress like you're still in high school. Here, a selection of suburban inspiration from the W magazine archives, including Adriana Lima, Hilary Rhoda, Florence Welch, and Naomi Campbell, to inspire you and give you strength.

Photograph by Sharif Hamza for W Magazine, November 2011.

Photograph by Roe Ethridge for W Magazine, Sofia Coppola Special Issue 2014.

Photograph by Charlotte Wales for W Magazine, Volume 5 2018.

Photograph by Emma Summerton for W Magazine, August 2015.

Photograph by David Sims for W Magazine, August 2005.

Florence Welch photographed by Tina Barney for W Magazine, Volume 2 2018.

Photograph by Juergen Teller for W Magazine, September 2009.

Photograph by Emma Summerton for W Magazine, August 2011.

Photograph by Hao Zeng for W Magazine, December 2015.

Photograph by Andreas Lazlo Konrath for W Magazine, December 2010.

Photograph by Craig McDean for W Magazine, September 2010.

Photograph by Paolo Roversi for W magazine, October 2009.

Naomi Campbell photographed by Steven Klein for W Magazine, June 2007.

Photograph by Michael Thompson for W Magazine, September 2005.

Photograph by Steven Klein for W Magazine, September 2009.

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