Extreme Cheapskate reveals how to save hundreds on groceries WITHOUT coupons – including the ‘double & freeze’ method

A MUM-of-six who describes herself as the “ultimate cheapskate" has revealed how to save hundreds on your food bill without giving up on some of your favourite buys.

Jordan Page, 27, from Utah, appeared on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates and is known for her thrifty approach to household duties- and now shares tips on her YouTube channel.

In her latest clip, she shares five handy tips that'll help cut your food shop in half, all without using coupons – and they're simple tips anyone can do.

Buy in bulk

When it comes to your weekly groceries, Jordan suggests always buying in bulk – particularly on items you always use

There are two reason for this – the first is that items work our cheaper per gram, so buying more will save you money, and also because it allows you to build up a stockpile.

It's particularly useful for things like fresh produce, meat, cheese and dry items like crackers, Jordan says.

She adds that you should take out what you need for the week and freeze or store away the rest.

Alternatively, if you don't have the extra space, the thrifty mum says you can buy the bulk item and split it with a friend, meaning you you both save on costs.

"You will save so much money. Especially over the span of a month, or two, or three," she says.

Double and freeze

Offering a cooking tip, the mum-of-six says you should double and freeze everything – this not only saves you loads of time but money too.

She says each night you cook, double the recipe, then take half and freeze it for a night when you're not bothered to cook.

"It'll avoid those busy nights when your tempted to order expensive take out," she said, and explains two easy ways to do it.

The first is to use a zip lock bag which works well for slow cooker meal or soup.

Simply run the bag under water when you take it out of the freezer which will help separate the food from the bag- then top it into a pot to heat up.

The second option is to use a disposable freezer pan which you can pick up for cheap from supermarkets or bargain stores.

These are ideal for casseroles, lasagne or similar items which you can take from the freezer and pop straight into the oven.

Chop food yourself

While it's super convenient to buy pre-chopped foods, they are so much more expensive, so Jordan says to always do it yourself instead.

You can even invest in a food processor to speed up the process.

What's more, the time-saving mum says it's a good idea to chop up an entire weeks' worth of food so that it's ready to go when you need them.

"This will save you so much money, try it," she says.

Plan your meals

"If you're winging it day by day, you're not only going to be wasting more food but you're going to be spending way more money," Jordan explains.

She suggests a having a super cheap magnetic whiteboard on your fridge where you can write down your meals for each night.

This also allows you to schedule in leftovers for lunch the next day to avoid waste, and also allocate one night a week for take away – which will give you something to look forward to.

Keep your junk mail

Finally, Jordan urges everyone to hold on to their junk mail as this could help you work out the bargains for the week and the best time to shop.

She says: "Try to shop mid week if you can, instead of on the weekends, because a lot of stores have their best deals mid week.

"Some stores even stack last week's deals with the current weeks' deals and they overlap on a Wednesday."

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