DIY SOS nan ‘in tears’ as tiny bungalow becomes plush family pad after taking in her 3 grandsons after their mum’s death

A GRANDMA was left in “tears” as her cramped bungalow was turned into a family pad after taking in her three grandsons following their mum’s shock death. 

Lynn, 56, and Steve, 62, Smedley appear on tonight's episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build, after providing a home for grandkids Ruben, 17, Jaden, 11, and Uche, 10. 

The boys were left with no place to stay after their mum Carrie died in her sleep in April 2017. 

Lynn and Steve are retired foster parents who have taken in more than 100 children over the years, and didn’t think twice about moving the boys into their Cornwall bungalow. 

The pad only had two bedrooms, and on tonight’s episode, is transformed into a spacious home, able to accommodate the three growing lads.

The DIY SOS team were on hand to give one of the boys his own double bed in a beach-themed room, complete with a surfboard on the wall. 

The tiny dining room, which could previously only fit four people comfortably, has been replaced with an airy kitchen-diner for family meals.. 

And the outside space now has a BBQ and outdoor dining table. 

Lynn told the Daily Mirror how Uche had been the one to find his mum dead in her bed, and had been six at the time. 

She said: “He and Jaden just thought they couldn’t wake mummy up. 

“They got their big brother Ruben, he came upstairs and realised what had happened. For those two little boys to have had to found their mum like that.'”

Teen Ruben had been forced to step up to look after his younger brothers and tried to find them somewhere to stay to avoid his grandparents being burdened. 

However, Lynne and Steve were adamant that they move in.

Steve said: “There’s no way in a million years we’d let them go anywhere else.”

When they had first moved in, the boys had slept in bunk beds and used the sofa in the living room. 

Ruben says on the show: “We’ll be able to do more stuff together as a family. When I turned 13 I never got out of my bedroom. 

“I regret that, I never got to spend time with my mum.”

Speaking to the volunteers after the incredible transformation, Lynn tearfully says: “When we realised we had lost Carrie, we were devastated.

"Nothing can prepare you for losing a child.

“But our first instinct was to protect the boys. There was no hesitation the boys would come and live with us, then reality struck.

“It has been extremely hard at times, no privacy or space, no time to grieve. But the boys come first.

"We can now move forward and build our lives.”

DIY SOS: The Big Build airs Thursday 8pm on BBC One

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