Dad of Britain’s biggest family reveals how he cooks fishcake dinner for 22 kids at just 30p-a-head

THE dad to Britain's biggest family has revealed how he cooks a family dinner for just 30p-a-head.

Noel Radford, who has 22 kids with wife Sue, revealed how he makes 27 fishcakes – to serve with salad and keep the family happy.

For the bumper meal, Noel uses 2.5kg of potatoes, two tins of salmon from Asda, a quarter of a bag of frozen sweetcorn, one onion, three eggs, some breadcrumbs, flour and oil for frying.

In a video on the family's YouTube channel, he said: "We do get asked quite a lot of times how we manage to feed everyone as cheaply as we can.

"So we're going to share some ideas of what we like to do and what the kids like to eat.

"Today I'm just going to show you how to make some fishcakes, which are quite cheap and easy to do."

To make the fishcakes, Noel starts by preparing mashed potato – with butter – and leaves it to cool.

He adds the fish, a finely chopped onion and mixes it all together.

Then you simply roll the fishcakes into balls and flatten them into fishcakes.

He says: "I do some adult sized ones and little kiddy sized ones.

"There's nothing worse than when you're a little kiddy and you've got this massive big portion of food on your plate and you're expected to eat it.

"It just outfaces them so I make some little tiny ones."

Then, getting the kids involved, Noel adds egg, breadcrumbs and flour to the fishcakes.

He says: "They've all come back from school now so I've got a little army of helpers."

Next, you simply fry them for a couple of minutes on each side in oil, before plating up with tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.

Noel says: "From my costings, they cost about 30p each to make. I got 27 out of it.

"You could make them cheaper I suppose if you used slightly cheaper fish, sardines or something like that.

"You can make them however you like, you can add herbs to them, put some cheese within the crumbs, just to spruce them up however you like.

"But that's our version of a fishcake in the Radford house."

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