Dad-of-22 Noel Radford makes embarrassing – and messy – cleaning blunder… and fans are all calling him daft | The Sun

NOEL Radford is getting dragged for his embarrassing cleaning fail which the Radord family have shared online. 

The dad of 22 tried his hand at cleaning and things did not go so well. 

The family released an embarrassing clip of Noel making a fatal error whilst trying to hoover the family's floors. 

The short clip was shared online but also featured in an episode of the family’s popular series 22 Kids and Counting, which documented their daily lives.

The family titled the YouTube short ‘ Noels Housework fail.’

In the clip Noel was attempting to hoover the family’s floors but realised a little too late that he was using the wrong type of hoover. 

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He said: “I’m using the wrong freaking Hoover, this is for washing carpet.”

It turns out Noel was using the Vax platinum smart Hoover which has technology designed to wash carpets.

He protested: “It’s got water pouring out everywhere.”

Even the narrator couldn't ignore Noels cleaning blunder.

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The narrator said: “When it comes to houseware Noel’s not only wet behind the ears but wet behind the kitchen island too.” 

Noel said: “What a mess.”


Poor Noel had to get on his hands and knees to clean the water off the floor. 

Well at least they are definitely clean now…

The YouTube short racked up over 27,000 views and over 1,00 likes. 

Although viewers thought the clip was hilarious people were tearing Noel apart in the comments section.

One user said: “That's one way to get the floor mopped, lol.”

Another said: “Noel I wouldn't of given up your day job, love you all.”

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“Come on Noel!! You're not that daft.”

A fourth user said: “Noel so funny stick to pies lol xxx”

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