Creepy optical illusion will let you see terrifying images – don’t do it alone

THIS optical illusion claims to leave viewers seeing terrifying images – and you are advised not to do so alone.

TikTok star, Hectic Nick, says the creepy smiley face image below can be used to play a trick on your mind if you dare to follow his instructions.

Challenging viewers he said: “Focus your eyes on the red dot for about 15 seconds.

“After that, look at a blank wall and start blinking. You’ll see something pretty amazing.”

Viewers in the comments reacted in the comments as they were left terrified by the results.

One said: “I’m home alone and scared right now” as a second added, “nearly gave me a heart attack.”

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A third added: “That is so scary.”

Some even went further and revealed what images they saw on the blank wall after focusing on the creepy image.

“I saw a puppet,” one freaked as another claimed they saw a joker’s mask.

A third added: “When I stopped blinking, it stayed on the wall for a sec. I swear, a full five seconds.”

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