Cooking whizz shows shows how to fit two pizza on the same shelf in the oven to ensure they are ready at the same time

THERE'S nothing more annoying than trying to cook two pizzas at the same time, with one ending up burnt and one raw.

But what about if you could fit two large pizzas on the same oven shelf?

One cooking whizz has come up with a brilliant hack to make them fit – and it's all about how you cut them up.

"Does anybody else get really annoyed when you try and cook two pizzas on the same shelf in the oven?" the DIY on a Budget account wrote on TikTok.

"And don’t tell me to put them on separate shelves, because maybe I want to put chips or more pizza on my other shelf – I’m not giving it up like that."

The woman then demonstrated how to make the pizzas fit – cutting them in half and then placing each half on each side of the oven rack, semicircle facing in.

"Well anyway, this is how to perfectly cook two pizzas on the same rack in the oven – just cut it up like this," she exclaimed.

"It seems stupid that I didn’t know this before but honestly, it will change your life.

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"Think about how many more pizzas I can get in there now. Incredible!"

"An actual useful hack on TikTok at last! Nice one," one person commented on the video.

While another added: "What a good idea love it."

"Wow great idea I'll definitely will give that ago the next time," a third person wrote.

"Absolute legend…. I feed about 15 kids on a Friday and I'm forever getting pissy about not fitting 2 pizzas on one shelf," another person added.

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