Clothes trick shows ‘slimmest part’ of your body

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The clothes you wear can be crucial in helping you look and feel your best. Miranda Holder, who is known for her viral TikTok style videos posted under the username @themirandaholder “Your Feel Good Fashion Coach”, explained how looking younger isn’t necessarily about wearing the trendiest outfits, but more about how you style and carry your clothes.

She shared a cheap and easy style trick which can transform almost any outfit to look “more modern” by showing off the “slimmest part” of your body.

Miranda explained: “But there are lots of little tips and tricks that I think are going to give you a more youthful appearance. I think really it’s not really about trends and being fashion forward, it’s more about being contemporary with your outfit and just kind of staying abreast of what’s going on.”

As simple as it sounds, according to the style coach, your sleeves could make a huge difference in how youthful an outfit looks overall.

Miranda told “There are little style tricks like rolling up your sleeves and showing some wrist to feel more youthful and contemporary.

“This is what many a fashionista will do on Instagram. I am forever doing it.

“I’ve even got special, little elastic bands or hair bobbles that I use for the job just to push them up.

“It makes you feel like you haven’t tried too hard with your outfit. It’s a way of wearing something, whatever you’re wearing, and making it look a bit dressed down and nonchalant about your outfit.”

Rolling the sleeve can create a flattering illusion by showing off your wrists, creating a “svelte” or longer frame.

Miranda said: “Our wrists are the slimmest part of us, so it’s always very flattering to show them off with an outfit.

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“It also goes for our ankles too. And particularly if you’re tapping into this oversized trend, which is lovely.

“There are slightly oversized blazers and things out there, but [it’s fashionable to wear] a looser pair of jeans, shirts and blouses in general.

“Therefore it’s actually then more important to make sure that you show some definition and some shape under all there. Wrists and ankles are a great way of doing that.

“A slightly cropped ankle and showing those wrists just feels modern, more contemporary fresher and definitely more youthful.”

Rolling the sleeve also makes way for accessories, serving as a way to display a glimpse of our personality on the outside and draw attention to certain details.

Miranda said: “I particularly like pushing up my sleeves showing a good section of wrist and sort of half a forearm, therefore you’ve got some space to have a play with an arm party if you want to.”

Watches, despite being a small part of an outfit, can play a big role in flattering the figure.

“If you wear a tiny watch, for example, on a large wrist, you’re actually just going to make your wrist look larger,” explained Miranda.

“It’s s not necessarily going to be flattering for a lady who likes to feel a bit more svelte and feminine. This is obviously optional as some people might like to do that.

“On the other hand, you can go for a super chunky watch, such as the men’s chunky watches trend popular among supermodels like Cindy Crawford in the 1990s. This automatically makes you look more little and feminine.”

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