Cleaning queen reveals 69p household item that will get your mirrors spotless & remove stains from carpets in seconds

IT'S the product that can be found in most bathroom cabinets.

But did you know that shaving foam has more uses than just aiding in hair loss?

In fact, there are an amazing five ways this versatile product, which can cost as little as 69p, can be used around the house to ensure your carpets are clean, jewellery is sparkling and mirrors are fog free.

Blogger and influencer Lynsey Crombie, who goes by the nickname Queen of Clean, has taken to TikTok to share a video of the five ways she uses shaving foam.

First up, as a carpet cleaner.

After discovering a large tinted moisturiser stain on her grey carpet, Lynsey sprays it with the shaving foam, uses a damp cloth to rub in and then pats it on the top to remove both the moisturiser and foam.

And if you have dull stainless steel in your bathroom, put down the Flash and pick up the foam!

Lynsey likes using it liberally on her stainless steel sink, to clean it and bring out the shine.

Likewise, it's the perfect cleaning product for jewellery as it can really help to make rings sparkle.

If you hate the bathroom mirror fogging up after you've had a bath or a shower, use shaving foam on the mirrors beforehand – this will help prevent the steam from settling.

And while you're in the bathroom, give the towel rails a spray with the shaving foam, as it works a treat on removing finger marks and once again making them shine.

Lynsey's followers were quick to praise her for the innovative way she used the foam, with one commenting on her TikTok video: "This is absolutely amazing for carpets!"

"Running to get my husband's shaving foam," another woman wrote, while one person wondered, "What the hell do they put in shaving foam to do all this?"

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