Celeb hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai reveals hair mistakes that are aging you, including the wrong way to cover your grays | The Sun

THE wrong move with makeup or skincare could make you look older – but a few hair mistakes could be aging you, too.

Celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai tells the U.S. Sun which errors women make with their strands that could add years to their appearance – and what to do instead.


"In trying to cover gray hair, a common mistake is to choose a dark, opaque color," Fekkai says.

But hair should never be a single color all over.

"Natural, youthful hair has many shades which contrast and add dimension," he adds.

"Highlights should be balanced with natural color and lowlights to create that ideal contrast."

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Picking a single color all-over looks "flat and dull," which isn't flattering.

It's also likely to damage your hair due to more-frequent dye jobs, and damaged hair looks older.

"The visible grow-out is extreme and requires more frequent coloring, which then can further damage and dry out the hair," Fekkai explains.

"My suggestion is a lighter shade and a technique called camouflage, which is more forgiving and allows for more time between salon processes. 

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Another no-no? Cutting, coloring, styling, and caring for your hair like you used to.

"Your lifestyle, personal and professional, has changed a lot over the years and it’s equally important to update your hairstyle and haircare regimen accordingly," the pro urges.

"Your hair, just like your skin, may need more hydration and repair to stay shiny and healthy.

"You may have relocated to an area where the water is very different and the hard minerals are weighing down your hair. Now you need to introduce a clarifying shampoo to remove those.

"Failure to take time to assess what your hair needs today can result in a dated look and dull, unhealthy hair, which ages all of us!

"Also, haircare and styling products have innovated drastically and there are many new products that can allow women to achieve looks that they thought were previously impossible."


Overuse of styling and dry shampoos can be bad for your locks if you don't balance them out with a good scalp scrub or clarifying shampoo.

"This not only makes the hair look dull and lackluster, but can also clog hair follicles, leading to thinning hair. Doubly aging!" says Fekkai.

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"Hair follicles need adequate nutrients and oxygen to function properly and grow healthy hair.  

"Excessive product buildup on the scalp can also result in inflammation of the scalp, itching, and visible flakes," he adds.

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