Call the fashion police! These laugh-out-loud outfits are so bad they're good

These poor folks are about to be crowned top of the flops, thanks to these unfortunate fashion fails.

In fact, their laugh-out-loud outfits are so bad they're good.

From a granny who knitted herself a sweater with some hilariously placed saggy spots, to one man's rude festive outfit – which he decided to take to the supermarket aisles – they're sure to make you chuckle.

While others are just poorly designed, including a top where the horizontal lines don't match up and a pair of ripped jeans which leave almost nothing to the imagination.

Prepare to be amused…

Bum deal

Horsing around

Jean-ius combination

Hole in one

Knock your socks off

Willy silly

Quacking mad

Wrap up winter

Earning their stripes

Toe-tally bonkers

Ahead of the game

Bottom of the pile

Rip up the rule book



Earlier this week, customers were sharing their funniest online shopping fails, including some VERY long trousers.

While women who unintentionally turned up in the SAME outfits share their funny matching photos.

And these are the royal fashion fails that prove they’re just like us, from Meghan Markle’s left on tag to Kate Middleton’s foot in a drain.

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