Bride’s VERY curvy bum goes viral – but it’s all thanks to a hilarious optical illusion – The Sun

A BRIDE’s bum has gone viral after an optical illusion has made it look VERY curvy.

Groom Truman Burbank, from Jamaica, took to Twitter where he shared he shared a snap of himself and his new wife during the ceremony.

Truman had actually intended to point out that 70 guests were late to their wedding, with the surrounding seats almost entirely empty.

He captioned the tweet: “That one time when a Jamaican wedding started on time.”

However, his followers were more concerned by what appeared to be the bride’s incredibly peachy posterior.

However, on a closer inspection, the apparently curvy rear is an optical illusion, caused by a bridesmaid bending down in front of the bride.


Since sharing the snap on Monday, it has amassed over 3,000 likes and dozens of comments from those fooled by the illusion.

Responding to the tweet one wrote: “There's an optical illusion happening here. I was so confused for the longest while lol.”

Another agreed adding: “it took me a few seconds to realise there are TWO women in this photo….”



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While a third wrote: “It took me a good minute to figure out that someone is bent over beside your wife lol.”

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