Benefit apologises for it’s ‘cheeky’ advert showing two makeup bottles having sex after beauty fans brand it ‘disgusting’ and ‘inappropriate’ – The Sun

MAKEUP giant Benefit Australia has defended its 'cheeky' advert showing makeup products appearing to have sex after beauty fans slammed is as 'disgusting'.

The cosmetics company released the promotion for their new Hello Happy Flawless Foundation and Powder to Instagram last week alongside the tagline: 'A happy ending for your complexion'.

The 30-second advert shows an animated bottle of foundation and square makeup sponge lying together in bed before they seemingly kiss and roll around together.

And to make matters worse, the bottle of liquid then pounces on top before squirting foundation across the screen with a smile.

While many beauty lovers have seen the creative side to the animation, others branded it 'disturbing', 'inappropriate' and 'disgusting' due to its sexual nature.

Following the backlash, Benefit has since apologised to its followers, saying: "Sorry if this offended you in any way. We are all about being cheeky and feel good about our products and meant no offence."

Replying to the video on Instagram, one customer wrote: "This is so disgusting. Shame on your Benefit – it's makeup you're supposed to be advertising… Keep that in mind."

Another agreed: "I just don't think this is very appropriate marketing – it's a makeup advert. There's no need to sexualise these products. But each to their own."

While a third reminded the cosmetics creator: "As much as I find this funny, Benefit have to remember they will also have teenage customers and young fans."

The company took the time to respond to the haters, explaining that cheekiness was 'in their DNA' and that the ad was meant to be humorous.

Many loyal fans backer the brand, defending the advert as the best promotional make up video they had 'ever seen'.

One woman wrote: "Some of you are being ridiculous as hell. Get over it. It's not the first time marketing like this has been used. Won't be the last."

Another agreed: "It's note even that bad. These days, people just actively look out for things they can say offended them, I swear."

The promo was released last week to advertise the new Hello Happy products, which are available in 12 shades and claim to last on the face all day.

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