Arket’s sold-out Breton jumper is finally back in stock (and it’ll give you change from £70)

Written by Naomi May

Arket’s silky-soft Breton top has struggled to stay in stock since its debut, but it’s finally – finally – available to buy once again. Our advice? Run, don’t walk. 

In the pantheon of jumpers, there are those that reside in the run-of-the-mill camp, so ubiquitous in your everyday life that they carry years’ worth of coffee stains and moth holes like badges of honour. And then there are those that exist at the opposite end of the spectrum.

One such jumper that ought to be nestled at the top of your winter wishlist is Arket’s Breton-striped jumper, which is finally – after a long and arduous wait – back in stock.

Now look, it’s not for me or anybody else to convince you that you need to invest in a jumper – that decision is entirely in your hands – but let me make the case for this particular silky-soft jumper very clear.

Arket’s £69 Breton top is finally back in stock, but it won’t hang around for long.

Firstly, the touch. The fine-knit jumper is made from organic cotton, which essentially means it cools you down when you’re too warm and insulates you when things are a bit nippy. But more than that, it’s so soft it feels almost silky, which is no doubt part of the reason it became such a success for Arket and has struggled to stay in stock ever since its launch last year. 

Secondly, for minimalists who might want to enjoy the virtues of a bit of pattern – a touch of pizzazz, if you will – a simple Breton stripe will enable you to do just that. It doesn’t need any fanfare to be woven into a wardrobe; wear it with white jeans, blue jeans, black jeans, shorts, skirts. You name it, a Breton-striped top will only work to complement it.

If you’re a real superfan, opt for the jumper in its trio of shades.

As if our excitement for Arket’s Breton top wasn’t visceral enough, it’s now been reimagined in a duo of additional Breton silhouettes too: chunky, thick stripes and a deep navy colourway. As the saying goes, you can never have too much of a good thing, can you?

It might be back in stock for now, but we don’t expect it will hang around for long – so run, don’t walk.

Shop Breton jumper at Arket, £69

Images: Arket, @basicstouch, @femmeblk, @hannahlewisstylist

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