Aldi shoppers are raving about the clever 'adult fruit box' hack which creates a yummy cocktail in seconds

IF you fancy a cocktail at home this weekend then you might want to check your freezer for a bag of frozen fruits.

It seems that's all you need to create a super delicious alcoholic drink at home and it's all thanks to Aldi's cheap buys.

You see, Aldi fans are raving about the clever "adult fruit box" hack which creates a yummy cocktail in minutes.

The simple idea reportedly started in the US and has recently been shared in an Australian Facebook group for Aldi fans and people can't get enough.

Aldi shoppers are picking up a cheap bottle of wine and the store's reusable frozen fruit bag.


All you need to do is pour the wine inside the bag before resealing it and wait for the contents to mix together beautifully.

Granted, the weather in the UK might be a little cold for a summery frozen fruit cocktail.

But if you're nice and snug inside the house it might be worth a try.

Aldi shoppers have been sharing snaps of themselves enjoying the fruity mix, according to Seven News, and it seems a popular choice for people of all ages.

One ALDI shopper from the US reportedly shared a snap of her elderly grandmother enjoying the hack, sparking a big response on social media.

“This is actually the best hack I’ve seen all year,” said one Aussie fan.

And another added: “I can’t wait to do this over Christmas and New Year.”

Many dubbed it "genius" while others speculated over which fruit variations would work best.

Another mum said that bags of frozen pineapple chunks are her daughter’s favourite fruit to use with the hack.

With one responding: “I bet it would taste like a pina colada."

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