A Guide to Brooklyn Beckham's Many Tattoos


In early 2021, Beckham got a tattoo of fiancée Nicola Peltz’s late grandmother’s name, Gina, in honor of the actress’s 26th birthday.

Peltz shared a photo of the tattoo, located on Brooklyn’s upper arm, on her Instagram Story with the caption, “best birthday gift.”

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A Dancer

This (literally) marked Brooklyn’s 4th tattoo dedicated to his younger sister, Harper Seven. Accompanied by his father, the photographer revisited celebrity favorite Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City to have tattoo artist Mr. K ink the whimsical pointe dancer on the side of his right leg.

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Though he missed mom Victoria Beckham’s fall 2018 New York Fashion Week show, he expressed his love and support in another way: a tattoo tribute to his “MUM,” written over a rose-embellished heart.

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In honor of his longtime nickname, Beckham tattooed “buster” above his belly button — and his father has the same word inked on his neck.

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He added a tattoo of his father David Beckham’s birth year on the side of his hand.

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His Siblings’ Birth Years

To further express his family love, Beckham had his siblings’ (Romeo, Cruz and Harper) birth years inked above his elbow.

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The photographer chose a painful spot for this romantic tattoo: his sternum. Doctor Woo hooked him up with the cherub preparing to shoot his arrow.

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‘brothers in arms’

Text reading, “brothers in arms” sits beneath the camera on his arm.

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‘Seven,’ ‘7’ & ‘Mama’s Boy’

In honor of his father’s soccer jersey number and his sister, Harper Seven, Beckham had “Seven” tattooed on the outside of his wrist, and a numerical seven inked on his left pinky. Sticking to the text theme, he went on to get a tribute to his mother inscribed over his heart. It reads, “Mama’s Boy.”

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‘Made in England’

One of Bekcham’s first texted- based additions was the phrase “Made in England” along the outside of his left foot.

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He tapped artist Mark Mahoney for a rose going up his left ribcage.

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A hand tattoo was a bold choice for a tattoo novice, but clearly Brooklyn is as serious as his dad about his body art, getting a very detailed eagle on his left hand.

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A compass takes up real estate on his left forearm.

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He paid homage to his chosen profession, getting a hyperrealistic camera inked on his inner left bicep by Doctor Woo.

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Native American Chief

For his first tattoo, Brooklyn took a cue from his dad, heading to the same artist David Beckham regularly uses, Mark Mahoney, and getting the same controversial image of a Native American chief in a feathered headdress on his forearm.

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