5 Things to Eat This Afternoon to Look More Gorgeous

We all know the adage “beauty comes from within,” and while that rings true on many levels, it is especially pertinent when it comes to what we eat. Sure, you may be investing mightily in your skincare, haircare and makeup routines, but the results will be futile if your body is low on the building blocks it needs to maintain glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong nails. Fortunately, there are many beauty-boosting nutritional ingredients to add to your diet that will have you snacking your way pretty.

From hair and nail fortifiers like biotin to skin-soothing probiotics, naturally occurring beautifiers are found in everything from nuts and avocados to yogurt and even dark chocolate, which means there is simply no excuse to not satisfy your 3 p.m. sweet or savory snack craving with something that is equal parts nutritious and delicious.

Keep scrolling for the best nutrients to pack to give your look a boost when snack time hits!

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