21 Chic Banana Republic Shoes, Because You Won’t Be Barefoot Inside Forever


Fashion has always been, in part, aspirational . . . and these days we’re aspiring to have more plans that require outdoor shoes. All joking aside, while we’ve been loving — and living in — our slippers these days, that doesn’t mean we don’t see sandals and stilettos and dream of sunny days outside.

Now if your brain is pumping the brakes at the idea of pumps, there are plenty of slides and sneakers at Banana Republic that are cute and comfy, too. And, even though you may not be putting on your highest heels (or proper pants) for a virtual meetings, it makes perfect sense to stock up for next season as several styles are an extra 40 percent off now.

You must be at least a little curious, right?! Browse our favorite Banana Republic shoes ahead, and see which offers the temptation needed to cheat on your socks and slippers.

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