‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Hunter/Gatherer

Teen Lottie goes out in search of prey as her allies back at the cabin become more and more like followers.

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By Esther Zuckerman

Season 2, Episode 4: ‘Old Wounds’

There’s a lot of driving in this week’s episode of “Yellowjackets.” The adult characters are on the road. Misty and Walter are searching for Natalie and the “purple people,” who they assume have taken her hostage. Shauna takes her daughter, Callie, into the middle of nowhere where she confesses the full extent of her crimes. Natalie sets out with Lisa (Nicole Maines), a member of Lottie’s group, with the ostensible goal of selling honey. And then there’s Taissa, who empties her gas tank on the way to an unknown destination. She hitchhikes the rest of the way there thanks to a kindly trucker.

But all of these journeys end not in horror — as is typical in this show — but in something that maybe comes close to solace. Misty and Walter don’t spend the night together, but a montage showing them getting ready for bed indicates just how simpatico they are in their precise routines. There’s a moment when they both seem to consider reaching out before settling into their pillows.

Shauna’s family is more stable than it has ever been once she tells Callie everything. Instead of recoiling at her mom’s confession of murder, Callie actually seems to trust her parents again.

At the same time, Natalie realizes that she actually understands Lisa, a girl she previously stabbed with a fork. They have both been depressed and suicidal, and they end their day sharing a drink at a bar with Lisa’s pet fish, stolen from her overly critical mother’s house.

And Taissa? Well, Taissa ends up in front of a new but familiar face: Adult Van (Lauren Ambrose). “Tai?” she says incredulously from behind the counter at a retro video store, her hair and scars unmistakable. “Hey, Van,” Taissa responds, hesitant, almost a little ashamed.

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