Wondershare’s Digital Asset Packs Give Creative Content the Ultimate Artistic Boost

Wondershare’s Vaporwave TrendBook helps users to elevate their digital content — whether that be fashion and styling content or gaming videos — facilitating the ultimate glow up through fluorescent color schemes and dynamic layouts. Vaporwave pulls inspiration from old-school, vintage references, from retro fashion and pop culture to VHS tapes and video games like Atari. It allows artists to blend contemporary elements with those which conjure nostalgia, calling upon a wide range of audiences.

Wondershare is a creative company providing diverse video and digital content solutions for all types of creators — novices and experts. The platform has started the Visual TrendBook initiative to offer inspiration to its audiences, influenced by current trends. Each quarter, the platform will introduce new aesthetic elements and effects through updated design TrendBooks, with Issue 01 being coined as: the Vaporwave Issue.

The vaporwave movement originated as a branch of electronic music and later gained traction on the internet, in the early 2010’s. It has since grown past just the realm of music and into a technicolor, visual movement both inspired by music, fashion, the virtual world, and visual art from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Now, the vaporwave aesthetic reflects modern trends of unbridled expression and maximalism within fashion. The style is commonly employed in modern day music videos, such as Drake’s flashy “Hotline Bling,” movies, such as Blade Runner 2049, as well as TV shows, video games, and within the metaverse. Vaporwave even inspired an entire multicolored line by Nike: the Vaporwave Collection.

Bringing the aesthetic beyond pop culture and to our own digital devices, Wondershare simplifies creative work by providing an array of interactive templates with visual effects, audio effects, filters, transitions, and glitchy fonts that can be applied to personal content. Users can create a video using vaporwave elements and tag @wondershare or #CreateWithWondershare to be entered for a chance to win a $200 bonus from Wondershare’s creator fund.

Join the creative challenge and learn more details to find inspiration for entries on Wondershare’s social channels.
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