Woman orders blue party dress online – is completely baffled by what turns up

Shopping online can be a bit risky, and not being able to see what we’re buying sometimes means what turns up in the post is a bit surprising.

And while most people are more than happy with what their parcels contain, one woman was left completely baffled by her delivery.

Beckie Reynolds ordered a baby blue bardot dress from Pretty Little Thing, taking fashion inspiration from Kourtney Kardashian.

But when she tried it on she quickly realised something wasn’t quite right, and the sleeves were a little longer than she would have liked…

Luckily she managed to see the funny side of it, writing: "PLT why u do me like this? (and yes it’s meant to be off the shoulder).

"I mean, I know I’m short but come on.

"Who is this made for? F**king Slenderman?

This isn’t the first time Pretty Little Thing have come under fire for their baffling measurements.

Cady Hadfield, from Leicester, bought a jumpsuit from Kourtney Kardashian’s collection only to find that the outfits wamped her with the hem dragging on the floor.

She posted a snap of herself wearing it alongside the caption: "When you tryna be Kourtney K but end up looking like Heisenberg thanks @OfficialPlt."

Her tweet has since been liked 22,000 times and racked up dozens of comments.

A baffled social media user said: "Kourtney is only 5ft ish how did these fit her?"

And just this week, Rachel Murphy from Cheshire was left fuming after ordering a £20 ‘one size fits all’ camel trench coat – only for it to swamp her petite frame.

Pretty Little Thing said they did not wish to comment on Beckie’s predicament.

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