Winnipeg dads perform for daughters, families as synchronized swimming team

Synchronized swimming has often been stereotyped as a sport for women.

But now, a group of Winnipeg dads have hit the pool and formed their own team, all in the name of gaining a deeper understanding of — and expressing appreciation for — the sport their daughters love.

“A few of the dads were talking one night and joking about getting a mens’ team together and they realized, maybe we can capitalize on this and make some sort of fundraiser,” said Scott Hjartarson.

The 10 men are showing their support for Aquatica Synchro Swim Club, a team with which they all have a very close relationship.

Nine of the men have daughters on the team, for example, while Hjartarson is married to the coach

“At the beginning I think it was kind of a fun idea,” he said. “But the whole idea at the end of the day was that it’s for the kids.”

The men met for practice every Saturday, and from session to session, their skills and timing improved. Even their breathing had become easier as their excitement for the sport had ramped up, leading to the big performance on Saturday.

To the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” the 10 men frolicked at the Pan Am Pool in front of their families to show the routines and skills they have been practicing for months.

The daughters involved were pleasantly surprised by how their dads performed in the pool.

“I wasn’t expecting much,” said one of the daughters, Nelaya Wilcox. “But I think it turned out okay, just seeing as they only practiced an hour and a half or so every Saturday.”

And for the dads, they gained a deeper understanding of the sport their daughters love.

“You realize you can’t always do things as good as your kids anymore,” dad Justin Gauthier said with a chuckle.

“I’m proud of her. I’m proud of what she does, and I’m glad she has fun doing it.”

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