WhatsApp Partners with Tems to Explore the Power of Self-Expression

Expanding the possibilities of daily messaging, WhatsApp announces the integration of new customizable Avatars. To celebrate the launch, the app places a spotlight on its creative community in the “Say More with Avatars” global campaign, discovering how new forms of communication can aid expression.

Grammy and Oscar nominated singer-songwriter Tems leads the campaign with her own journey in connectivity. Exploring new ways to forge stronger and more authentic connections with WhatsApp Avatars, the partnership between WhatsApp and Tems aims to showcase its creation, connection and community.

Hypebeast spoke to the artist on the role of the platform in her career, “WhatsApp allows me to stay connected to all of my communities. I am constantly sending voice memos and capturing ideas so it is an integral part of the ongoing creative process,” she says. “With the launch of Avatars, I’m able to be more creative about how I communicate with people in my network and because I can do that, I feel closer to the person on the other end. I want to inspire people to be their most authentic self in their everyday lives and Avatars are an easy starting point.”

As self-expression becomes more individual with customization features, WhatsApp Avatars invites users to be playful yet original. For Tems, this is the most important part of using Avatars. She adds, “expression is a means of unique communication. One that is true to the individual.”

WhatsApp Avatars is now available to use on the app now.
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