Watch The Weeknd's Amazon Music Presents: 103.5 'DAWN FM' Experience

Put together to introduce DAWN FM earlier this month, The Weekend partnered with Amazon Music for a livestream event hosted on Twitch. For those that missed out on Amazon Music Presents: 103.5 DAWN FM, the entire show is now available on YouTube.

Taking place in Los Angeles, the experience saw a group of lucky individuals become the first to publicly hear the Canadian artist’s fifth studio album from start to finish. According to The Weeknd, “The power of the 103.5 Dawn FM experience is that maximum fulfillment comes when all who hear it are tuned in at the same time.” The social experience saw a prosthetically aged The Weeknd standing from an illuminated booth serving as DJ for the group on the dance floor.

Watch The Weeknd’s Amazon Music Presents: 103.5 DAWN FM experience above.

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