Vincent Leroy Imagines a Ghostly Halo Floating in the Streets of London

Vincent Leroy continues to invest in the urban space with his latest project Ghost Halo. Suspended in an unassuming London street, a giant halo composed of 120 acrylic transparent tubes levitate above the ground, undulating and slowly deforming under the eyes of passers-by into an enigmatic and ghostly volute.

Slightly twisted and suspended from a rotating structure, the kinetic ring slowly moves dramatically — sometimes visible, sometimes imperceptible — where the transparent rods float in the air, cross each other and overlap with the background. Both graphic and abstract, the ghostly installation transforms the street into a surreal setting that will transport viewers into a dreamlike and poetic dimension.

Ghost Halo joins a list of alluring urban sculptures, including the Illusion Lens in Tokyo and an ethereal design the French artist proposed for the vast beaches of Iceland.

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