Tombolo Launches Its New Tennis Cabana Set

Rising fashion brand Tombolo has completed its trifecta of designing a unique sports-themed capsule collection, by launching a new “Tennis Cabana” set.

The new set is dedicated to tennis and includes a plush terrycloth full-zip short-sleeved top, and a pair of matching shorts. Each item is titled “Fault One,” and comes with forest green contrast detailing on the shirt’s collar and sleeves, and on the short’s waistband and hem.

Highlighting its tennis inspiration, the brand included a green tennis-ball-patch affixed to the shirt’s lower-right front pocket – stitched underneath a mesh ‘tennis net’ pocket cover. Also, the shirt’s front chest panel features a small-scale ‘body form’ embroidery that’s stitched ‘in-motion’ serving a tennis ball in mid-air. The shorts’ lower-left leg area contains an embroider of two tennis rackets overlapping with a tennis ball – each racket contains the brand’s palm tree logo, while the tennis ball contains a red ‘one’ numeral stitched at the middle.

Tombolo’s previous two drops included a basketball collection and a golf collection that are both parts of the brand’s “Sports Capsule,” while the new “Tennis Cabana” set completes the sports-centric capsule.

Priced at $108 USD for the shorts, and $138 USD for the shirt, both items are available now on the brand’s website.

In other news, ESPN and the NBA teamed up for the first time on a new pair of “Victory Goggles.”
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