Tim Bengel Has Created the World's Most Expensive Avocado Toast

German contemporary artist, Tim Bengel, will unveil the world’s most expensive avocado toast at the upcoming Berlin Art Week. The sculpture is made entirely of gold and is estimated to be worth nearly $3m USD.

Bengel’s artwork used a real avocado toast as its template, which was then 3D-scanned and imbued with 27 individual golden parts — separated between two bagel halves, five tomato slices, ten arugula leaves, five onion rings, and of course the jewel of the piece — five avocado strips.

According to the artist, the avocado toast represents a symbolic place in millennial culture. One that represents wealth, fitness, health, and status. In a report by Statista, avocado demand “increased six-fold to over 2.6 billion pounds of the berry being consumed by Americans in 2020,” serving as a testament to the fruits meteoric rise in culture over the past 30 years.

The latest artwork continues Bengel’s fascination with using gold as an artistic material. The sculpture will be available to purchase via Galerie Rother and will embark on a US Tour starting in Miami.

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