This TikToker Re-Creates Iconic Scenes From Your Favorite Movies, and They're Hilariously Spot-On

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Julian Re-Creating a Scene From Hocus Pocus

While TikTok is certainly my go-to for belly laughs and feel-good content, I’m most mesmerized by the pure talent I’m constantly discovering while scrolling through my For You Page โ€“ as many commenters often say, sometimes I really can’t believe this app is free. Take Julian Burzynski, for instance. The musical theater actor has amassed almost 600,000 followers since March, when he started re-creating scenes from iconic movies and TV shows on his TikTok.

But while Burzynski’s reenactments of scenes from films like Hocus Pocus and Mean Girls, as well as shows like Gossip Girl and Schitt’s Creek, certainly showcase his incredible acting talent and knack for embodying a variety of characters, he also manages to bring an energy to his videos that simply put a smile on his viewers’ faces (myself included). From every characters’ mannerisms and facial expressions down to their perfectly accurate costumes and wigs, Burzynski nails every single scene, even prompting fans to jokingly ask if he thought they wouldn’t notice that he just posted an exact clip from the movie.

Burzynski, who has always been passionate about acting, singing, and dancing, started making videos while sheltering in place, after rewatching some of his favorite movies and shows and feeling inspired to create his own versions. “I [couldn’t] imagine life without performing, he told POPSUGAR. “I am a performer at heart and when everything shut down, I, and so many, became worried about what the future held for the arts.” Luckily, his parents, who he was quarantining with, were always game to make appearances in his TikTok videos, and they were there to give a final look before he shared them with viewers.

While Burzynski’s talent is truly remarkable, for the performer, TikTok is about bringing positivity during what may be tough times, as well as making people feel seen โ€” a goal he surely achieves on the daily. “I want to make people happy, and to let them know that every part of them is beautiful,” he told POPSUGAR. “Being feminine is something I tried to suppress for a long time, and these videos have helped me show love to a part of myself that I really haven’t [before] . . . I want everyone who watches the videos to feel encouraged to own what makes them different and lead with confidence.” If you’re looking for a mood boost and some theater-worthy content, watch Burzynski’s best performances ahead, and be sure to follow him on TikTok (@julianburzynski) and Instagram (@juliancookies) for more spot-on reenactments. Trust us, some are even better than the original.

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