There’s a Pokémon and Van Gogh Museum Collab in the Works

One could only wonder what Vincent Van Gogh would think if he was transported to the present and, amongst other things, was introduced to the expansive world of Pokémon. Well, fans of both will be delighted to hear that a real collaboration between The Pokémon Company and the Van Gogh Museum is in the works.

The minds behind the popular video game recently took to its YouTube channel to release a new promo video where Pikachu and Eevee are seen running through a field of sunflowers, filled with picturesque Dutch windmills, where the two characters look up to the sky as it transforms in the pastiche of one of Van Gogh’s Impressionistic paintings. As they look back down to the surface, Pikachu and Eevee are greeted by a sea of Sunflora Pokémon, one of which is shown painted in the style of the 19th century artist at the end of the promo video.

While there aren’t any details yet surrounding the collaboration, fans can expect to hear more as an official announcement is made on September 28.

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