The 1 Big Question We Still Have About The Last Jedi's Big Fight Scene

When a film franchise’s most iconic piece of imagery is an awesome weapon (read: a lightsaber), it only makes sense to deliver on epic fight scenes. Star Wars: The Last Jedi treats viewers to a few amazing action sequences, but one is particularly unforgettable: the battle that takes place in Supreme Leader Snoke’s sleek red throne room. It culminates in Rey and Kylo Ren fighting over Luke Skywalker’s former lightsaber — which ultimately splits in half. But why does that happen?

After Rey and Kylo spend some time communicating via Force link, she believes that she has the ability to pull him to the light. She boards Snoke’s ship, the Supremacy, only to be captured and presented to the First Order leader, who admits he set up the communication bridge for manipulation purposes. He also takes information about Luke’s whereabouts from Rey’s mind and urges Kylo to kill her. Instead, Kylo deceives his superior and kills him. What follows is a stunning display of unexpected teamwork in which Rey and Kylo work together to take down Snoke’s elite Praetorian Guards.

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