Terrified Red Velvet singer Joy runs away from stage after loud fireworks are set off

SEOUL – Who does not enjoy fireworks?

Red Velvet singer Joy, it seems.

The South Korean girl group performed at the 2019 Iseul Live Festival on Saturday (May 11), with fireworks set off after their showcase.

The crowd was stunned over Joy’s reaction to the deafening roar.

The terrified singer covered her ears, panicked and quickly fled to the side of the stage, where she was calmed down by support crew and her group members.

Later, to fend off any talk that she was unprofessional in running away from the stage, Joy posted an apology on Red Velvet’s Instagram account.

“I want to say I’m sorry. I’m scared of fireworks after seeing a firework explode right in front of me in the past and it was unexpected.

“On top of that, I heard ringing in my ears and I (left the stage) without saying my final goodbye to you.

“I’m so sorry for causing you concern. I want to do a good job at every performance and dislike myself when I can’t react professionally to unexpected moments.

“I will strongly prepare myself and work hard so that this won’t happen again in the future.”


러비들?미안하다는 말 하고싶어서 올려요ㅜ 예전에 눈 앞에서 폭죽 터지는 걸 본 이후로 폭죽을 많이 무서워하는데 오늘은 예상치 못한데다가 갑자기 이명까지 들려서 마지막 인사를 못한채 들어가게 되었어요.. 죄송합니다….지금은 괜찮아졌어요!! 걱정 끼쳐드려서 너무 죄송해요..? 매 무대마다 잘하고싶은데 예상치 못한 순간들이 올 때마다 프로답게 대처하지 못하는 것 같아서 제 자신이 되게 미워지는데요.. 앞으로는 이런 일 없도록 마음 단단히 먹고 노력하겠습니다!! 죄송합니다ㅜ

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But fans feel there is no need for her to apologise.

According to the soompi portal, a netizen called Kobi wrote that the show organisers “should apologise to her for using fireworks when they know she’s terrified of them”.

Another netizen, dehnc_376, noted: “Being scared of sudden loud noises is not a crime and has nothing to do with being a professional. The organisers should be apologising to her.”

Red Velvet were among a group of South Korean artists who gave a historical performance in 2018 in North Korea as both countries made a bid to improve ties.

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