Splatoon 3 brings back Inkopolis with first Expansion Pass DLC out now

The first wave of Splatoon 3’s DLC has arrived alongside a new season of content, although the second wave might not be here until 2024.

Given the lack of fanfare, we wouldn’t blame you for not realising that the first wave of Splatoon 3’s post-launch DLC is now available.

It was unveiled with a vague spring launch window at the last Nintendo Direct and yet it’s already here, technically dropping yesterday with only a brief tweet from Nintendo to announce it.

The main draw of the DLC is the reintroduction of Inkopolis, the main hub from the first Splatoon game, but if you were hoping there was more that Nintendo was keeping hush about, you’re going to be left wanting.

What Nintendo promises is exactly what you get, with Inkopolis being a glorified reskin, since it doesn’t add any new shops and instead functions exactly like the existing hub world of Splatsville.

Fans of Callie and Marie, the original pop idol duo, will be happy to see them again in their classic outfits, and Nintendo did confirm that they’ll perform during Splatfests, but it’s otherwise very simple fan service.

The arrival of the DLC also coincides with a new season of content, dubbed Fresh Season. You can find the full details about it on Nintendo’s website.

Aside from new cosmetics and weapons (including one that resembles the old Zapper peripheral for the NES), it adds the brand new Um’ami Ruins stage, as well as the Manta Maria stage from Splatoon 2.

It seems the main attraction of the expansion pass will be the second wave, which will add a new story mode called Side Order.

As fans suspected, Nintendo has confirmed that it will take place in Inkopolis Square, the hub world from Splatoon 2, although it’s been drained of all its colour and appears abandoned.

Nintendo initially didn’t have a launch window for it, but its website now states that it’ll be out by the end of December 2024. Although that doesn’t stop it from coming out earlier.

Splatoon 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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