Sarah Jessica Parker Is So Done With Tabloids Slamming Her Marriage

When it comes to attacks on her marriage, Sarah Jessica Parker is pulling no punches. After receiving a letter of inquiry from the National Enquirer requesting her comment on new allegations, Parker took to Instagram to share her disgust with the tabloid’s dogged pursuit of “untrue” celebrity gossip. The allegations involved a “screaming match” between Parker and husband Matthew Broderick, which Parker dismisses as “nonsense.” With her post, the Sex and the City star calls out tabloids at large for running this type of story, and shares her exhaustion after “over a decade” in the spotlight.

According to the letter Parker posted from National Enquirer, the tabloid is “working on a story that reports Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were caught on camera in a public screaming match.” The letter goes on to comment that “witnesses were stunned,” particularly since the alleged fight occurred “days before their 22nd wedding anniversary.” Per the Enquirer, these witnesses further allege that the married couple’s argument “spilled out into the street where Sarah confronted Matthew over how much time he is spending in London.” The letter concludes with a request for comment — which, we imagine, they won’t be getting any time soon.

In the star’s Instagram caption, she not only calls out the allegations as categorically untrue, but laments the fact that for “over a decade,” she has been dealing with the same “untrue, disgraceful nonsense.” Parker calls her trip to London to visit her husband a “blissful 4 days,” and contends that she and her children are “enormously proud of the work he is doing.” She confirms that she won’t be responding to their request for comment, noting that “the truth, a response or any comments from [her] or [her] publicist” would have no effect on what the Inquirer planned to publish.

Parker closes out the post on a positive note, cementing her unwillingness to engage in the “untrue” narrative surrounding her marriage. “Why not celebrate a marriage of 22 years and relationship of 27 years?” she asks of the Enquirer (and all its “sister publications”). “Because, despite your endless harassment and wasted ink, we are nearing 3 decades of love, commitment, respect, family and home. There’s your ‘scoop’ from a ‘reliable source.’” She couldn’t be more right — 22 years of marriage is an incredible feat to be celebrated, and it’s truly inspirational how she stands up for her marriage and family in moments like this. We can’t begin to imagine how exhausting it is to battle constant allegations about your personal life, but hopefully stars speaking out like this can help bring that era of journalism to an end.

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